Let me introduce you to Summer and Mitch! They are going to be married early November this year and I’ll get a honor to capture their wedding. But before that beautiful moment to happen, we got to run around in McKinney and shoot some  awesome vintage inspired photos. They wanted to have their session vintage styled with a bit of a modern twist (thank you guys for giving me a creative freedom), so here what I come up with.

vintage engagement dallas

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I am so excited to share with you one of my latest weddings, the wedding of Rosalie and Dakota. They had their wedding in a brand new wedding venue called Sparrow in Stillwater, Oklahoma – and I mean their wedding was The First Wedding of this venue. It was 4 hour drive one way for us, but by far it was worth it, and beside a company of absolutely adorable bride and groom and their wedding party, we get to shoot at the gorgeous windy hill location that is rarely to find in North Texas; and by far this wedding is climbing very fast to the top of my favorites.

I have been asked a lot lately what’s the difference between shooting weddings in Prague and Dallas. And here are a some of my thoughts.

Any Dallas wedding photographer encountered bright bright bright sun challenge or dark dark dark inside locations. Obviously, with so much sun, Texans don’t like windows, so they build with minimum of windows and the ones that they have they block with blinds and put screens on. It makes most of indoors look like caves. So my options generally are: ceremony site right after a ceremony (95% chances of bad lighting) or walk outside of ceremony location. Last one usually is a bit better, and I have more chances to get at least one good portrait of bride and groom, if I find any decent background with a solid shade.

Prague, in another hand, have beautiful outdoors, much softer lighting and bigger windows for indoor locations. Sounds like it would be an obvious choice, however, there is a one very very big problem that I’m sure every wedding photographer Prague will agree with me on: tourists! I mean, it’s such a hassle that overwhelms all Dallas lighting and heat problems!

You just can’t get to any place in Prague downtown without being swarmed by people. And it’s not that type of the pretty long perspective on New York street with unidentifiable crowd, it’s more of a close ups of annoying faces that “do their best” not to be on your picture. So, here is a of a photo session of Roman and Varvara the day after their actual wedding, because on the day of the wedding old Prague was swarmed with people and we couldn’t take any. Yep, we all woke up at 4:30am for that, but it was worth it!



Recently I was shooting at the wedding and have overheard a conversation between a couple of women, from whom one of them was expecting, about taking maternity pictures. The expecting mother was aggressively against maternity pictures. Being professional photographer,  I couldn’t just pass by, so, oh, yeah, I know it’s not nice to ear-dropping, asked her to elaborate.

She said all maternity pictures are or emberassig, or cheesy. And interestingly enough, I was pretty much agree with her. Even, being pregnant myself back in the days, I had struggled not to make my own pics too silly.

Coincidentally, I just booked a maternity photo session with a past wedding client of mine from, and I decided to accept the challenge and prove this women wrong! At first, I had the temptation to turn everything black and white, but then I decided: no short cuts! Of course, any black and white image will look more elegant – that’s why instagram insist) and here is what I came up with!

Beside the part that my past wedding clients started to book me for their maternity photos that is unbelievably pleasing, I can happily say I was able to create a stunning maternity portrait that is not emberassing nor cheesy! So call me, ladies, so we can schedule your photo session to proudly celebrate your maternity with beautiful imagery!

Check it out!

I would like to introduce to you Jen, Tim and their awesome party they gathered for their wedding at the Old Red Museum! I met Jen and Tim in a summer last year. Back then we had time to get a cup of cappucio at the Cowboy Drugstore after their engagement pictures and talk about their upcoming wedding in more details. That’s when I found out they have just booked the Old Red for the wedding and also told me that preparations will be at the Adolphus hotel. It was very exciting, and yet I am always dread of any downtown weddings. It seems I never find parking or making a wrong turn into one way street 🙂 I literary so afraid of driving there, that I always try to find any excuse not to!

I should say, there is a benefit in conquering my fear – stunning hotel, fresh city scenery and absolutely awesome time walking in a company of such fun people! We also get to take bunch of hilarious pictures in the tavern, and I never laughed as much as I did when was editing them! I hope they’ll bring you an awesome smile too!